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Service and Maintenance

Assembling, commissioning and the delivery of installations do not mean the end of involvement for ABC-Techniek. We provide excellent preventive maintenance and services. It is also possible for you to consult our expertise when malfunctions need to be analysed and adjusted.

If requested, we can provide you a complete maintenance schedule. This insures the continuity and quality assurance of your business.

Out-dated machinery regularly cause malfunction in a production process. This usually leads to production loss and annoyance. Our experience with newly constructed and maintenance of existing systems allows us to renovate outdated machines. If necessary, modifying them with the correct specifications. Sophisticated modifications will significantly increase the performance and lifespan of your installations.

ABC-Techniek also does maintenance, overhaul and renovation of machines build by other manufacturers. Our qualified technicians are specialised in Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC controllers, but are also familiar with various other brands PLC’s.

Additionally, we are capable of performing ATEX or IECEx inspections for your installations.

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