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For an end-user in Vietnam, ABC-Techniek is commissioned to fabricate a control panel. The function of this control panel is to control, guard and monitor the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU). The VRU is an installation that recovers vapors of gasoline or other fuels. In addition, the use of Allen Bradley redundancy controllers is implemented in the control panel. More

For an end-user in Saudi Arabia, ABC-Techniek is commissioned for engineering, designing and fabricating of a control panel for an Amine Ion Exchange Unit. For this project, ABC-Techniek is also assigned to perform E&I activities on the skid mounted unit. The E&I activities will take place in USA.

Our engineering department designed the control panel. The design is based on the client requirements, general standards and the operation of the Amine Ion Exchange Unit.


For an end-user in England, ABC-Techniek is commissioned to fabricate a control panel for a biogas installation that is used for a whisky factory. The control panel is going to be built in a container and will be placed next to the factory. This particular biogas installation has the capacity of 1200 Nm3/h and is able to generate the biogas to natural gas quality.


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