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Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I)

ABC-Techniek performs E&I work on skid-mounted units since 1990, especially for the petrochemical- and the oil- and gas industry. Branches that set very high standards for the products and services they require. These satisfied clients have become our best ambassadors!

Our expertise grants us the position of preferred specialist to deliver systems that fully comply with various customer specifications and regulations. ABC-Techniek’s services include not only the assembly and installation of cables, instrumentation-tubing and instruments, but also the delivery of the required materials.

The field activities undergo the necessary inspections and tests. These are in accordance with our quality assurance tests such as isolation-resistance measurements for cabling and leakage tests for instrumentations. The required documents are of course included to the executed inspections.

We carry the work out at the client’s site or in our own professionally structured workplace, which is equipped with a lifting capacity of 13 tons.

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